My name is Amanda.  One day, on flicking through a magazine, I saw an advert for a course in glass bead making and fusing.  I didn’t even know that these things existed.  At the time, (11 years ago now), not too many people in the UK had discovered these skills.  Today there are many people who started the same way and have set up home studios and online shops.

I have moved house three times in those 11 years, which unfortunately involved putting my tools and equipment in storage for quite some time while living in a flat and then renovating a house, at the same time working in the finance office of a secondary school and spending 4 years successfully completing my AAT exams. I then resigned from my job.

This year I have been lucky enough to set up a studio and spend time developing my skills and experimenting with glass in its various forms, using different display methods including gathering pieces of wood and dried plants from the garden.  I would like to share my journey with you in my blog; I hope you enjoy reading it.


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